Blackview US

Blackview US

Blackview is a successful technology company that first focused on rugged outdoor phones to promote active lifestyles and endure harsh settings. The product category now includes common phones, smartwatches, earbuds, tablets, and laptops after 8 years of development. China is home to Blackview’s 8,500 square metre facility. Blackview places a strong focus on quality and expertise and requires a careful assessment of every step of the process, from design to production. To guarantee that every user has a positive user experience, all Blackview products are put through stringent standards and high-quality testing procedures. Blackview’s annual sales volume has increased steadily by at least 20% over the past few years, and its clients come from more than 80 different nations and regions, including Russia, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, France, Italy, Turkey, Algeria, Colombia, and Spain.

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